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Miriam of Anka Kusu

Belly Dance Artist & Instructor

Miriam's Background

Miriam has been taking dance, theater and movement lessons of one sort or another since she was 5 years old - ballet, jazz, acting, improvisation, stage choreography and theatrical makeup classes all caught her attention. In the early 90's, involvement in local Renaissance Festivals gave Miriam her initial contact with belly dancing and set her feet on the path of her passion. She took informal lessons from many of the Renaissance Festival's dancers for a little while, and then began formal study of belly dance in 2004. With formal classes came opportunities to perform, and she hasn't looked back. Miriam’s unique style has developed through her focus on Classic Oriental Dance, ATS (American Tribal Style) and its many offshoots, with a healthy dose of Middle Eastern folkloric dance as well - but no matter how you might label it, when she dances, she gracefully evokes images of 'long ago and far away'.

She is a soloist, a NJ belly dance instructor, director of Anka Kusu - a group made up of both dancers and musicians, she writes articles for various belly dance related publications and websites, including Belly Dance at Any Size, and she produces the monthly show "Belly Dance Night at Roxy & Dukes".

One of her most sought after specialties is making this beautiful dance form accessible to many who thought they couldn't enjoy learning it. Her understanding of body mechanics and many types of physical limitations, as well as her long time focus on using the correct muscle groups to generate movements all aide her in suggesting adaptions for many types of students.

Current Dance Related Projects

Founder and Director of the Middle Eastern music and dance troupe, Anka Kusu

Producer of a monthly belly dance show called Belly Dance Night at Roxy 'n Dukes in Dunellen, NJ

Teaches weekly belly dance classes at IM Studios in Highland Park, NJ

Contributing Writer for Belly Dance at Any Size

Personal Blog about Dance, Health at Every Size and my experiences: World by M